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Light Body Activation

In the ancient Egyptian mystery schools initiates worked towards the activation of the light body. Also known as the ka body, this energetic field surrounds our physical/mental/emotional bodies. It is sometimes called the etheric double. By practicing a unique sequence of breath and energy-moving exercises, one can activate the light body.

Long before the time of the Pharaohs people gathered in the goddess temples of Hathor/Isis to practice the esoteric arts. Priestesses of the temple provided ceremonies for the public and training for the initiates. Isis The festivals of Hathor celebrated the life force energy with ecstatic and erotic dancing, feasting and fine music. The undulating, circular, serpentine movements found in belly dancing were outer expressions of subtle energy movement practices.

We gather in the sacred Hathor temple of Dancing Willow Tree Mystery School to learn these powerful exercises. When the light body is open, well-being is increased, psychic awareness opens and deep healing can occur.

Hathor Temple Gatherings

Currently the Hathor Temple gatherings are focusing on exploring the goddess. Each gathering we invoke one or more goddesses that correspond to the current season. We connect with this archetype and bring her into our personal and emotional lives. At this time the Hathor Temple gatherings are happening approximately every third week on Tuesday evenings.

Eye of Horus Group

In this group we are exploring the Egyptian mysteries and practicing light activation exercises. These powerful gatherings are bringing in the higher energies for personal and planetary healing. The Eye of Horus group meets every 3 or 4 weeks on Tuesday evenings.

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