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At Dancing Willow Tree we assist people in opening and clearing their energy field so they may access higher frequencies. We offer a range of energy awareness practices, healings and teachings based on the esoteric knowledge of the world wisdom traditions. Egyptian alchemy, Celtic nature consciousness, Buddhist mindfulness, Hindu and Taoist energy work, indigenous shamanic practices, body-based depth psychology, new age channelings and ancient goddess archetypes are synthesized into the Dancing Willow Tree Mystery School.

Classes, rituals, practice groups, energy walks, temple events, and individual readings and healings are available through Dancing Tree. The image of a dancing willow tree was our selected icon for a variety of reasons. A dancing tree brings to mind a tree that is alive with consciousness. The willow tree is the symbol of the Tree of Life in the Mongolian Shamanic tradition.

Among other things, the Tree of Life is a flow pattern of vital life force energy. Just as the sap rises in a tree when awakened at springtime, so the vital force can rise in our human bodies when awakened. Once our energy bodies have been activated, we become more psychically aware of the higher realms, and of the energies around us. The realm of nature consciousness becomes a healing influence in our lives, as we commune with elemental, plant and animal spirit energies. We can experience on a felt sense level how “It’s all alive, it’s all aware, it’s all intelligent and it’s all connected”.